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About Spa Area Independent Living Services

What is independent living?

Essentially, it is living just like everyone else - having opportunities to make decisions that affect one's life, able to pursue activities of one's own choosing - limited only in the same ways that one's nondisabled neighbors are limited.

Independent living should not be defined in terms of living on one's own, being employed in a job fitting one's capabilities and interests, or having an active social life. These are aspects of living independently. Independent living has to do with self-determination. It is having the right and the opportunity to pursue a course of action. And, it is having the freedom to fail - and to learn from one's failures, just as nondisabled people do.

There are, of course, individuals who have certain impairments which may affect their abilities to make complicated decisions or pursue complex activities. For these individuals, Independent Living means having every opportunity to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Independent living. It isn't easy, and it can be risky. But millions of people with disabilities rate it higher than a life of dependency and narrow opportunities and unfulfilled expectations.

Changes that make life more satisfying don't occur overnight. But for people who are willing to work toward greater independence, Independent Living Centers can help put the pieces together.

SAILS Offers:

Information and Referral
Providing basic information and linking to appropriate community services.

Independent Living Skills Training
Training and assistance in a variety of life skills areas including, but not limited to, computer training, personal management, budget/money management and job readiness.

Training and assistance in knowing and pursuing your rights as an individual with a disability

Peer Support
An opportunity to interact with others who share similar experiences.

Assistance obtaining and maintaining access to computers and other technology.

Providing opportunities to experience a variety of recreational activities.

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Arkansas People First Committee Coordinator

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Independent Living Advocate

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