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Our 4 Core Services

Information and Referral
Providing basic information and linking to appropriate community services.

Independent Living Skills Training
Training and assistance in a variety of life skills areas including, but not limited to, computer training, personal management, budget/money management and job readiness.

Training and assistance in knowing and pursuing your rights as an individual with a disability.

Peer Support
An opportunity to interact with others who share similar experiences.


Sails staff assist people with move out of nursing homes and other institutional settings utilizing Arkansas’ Money Follows The Person Program.

Transition services include:

  • Assessment to determine level of community support
  • Assistance with eligibility for in home services
  • Transition and assistance obtaining household furnishings and set up to begin community living
  • Monthly Intense Transition Management


SAILS supports accessible, affordable, integrated housing for all.

  • One of the most challenging barriers encountered by people with disabilities is finding housing that is accessible, affordable and integrated. This barrier forces many people into institutions, or to live in unsafe or substandard housing, live in desperation with family members or pay extremely high rents and suffer financially.

  • SAILS has a Community Housing Project that may provide rental assistance for individuals transitioning out of a nursing home or other institutional setting, or for those who are at risk of institutionalization.

  • This rental assistance is limited and is designed to serve as a "bridge" to permanent housing assistance through programs like Section 8.

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"Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life."
-Emma Thompson
* All services are provided in a Peer environment by a majority of staff with disabilities.